Join the Digital Marketing 101 Course

Learn how to master your marketing so that you can create result-driven content for your business. This blueprint should be used as a guide and starting place to gain the knowledge and skills needed to create an digital marketing strategy to grow your online business. Remember that you can do this. Check out this full session about effective marketing to enhance your knowledge then add your brand personality and get ready to share it with the world!

After this course, you should be able to compose your own content from scratch to your audience.

Effective Marketing

What You'll Learn:

  • How to Create Sustainable & Engaging Content

  • How to Identify Your Target Audience.

  • How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis.

  • How to Set Visual Content Goals.

This Course is ideal for beginners or members with little to no marketing skills/knowledge.

After This Course:

You'll Know How to Communicate Marketing Terminology.

You'll Be Able to Maneuver Produce Effective Marketing.

Cultivate Relationships & Encourage Growth

Members get access to our private group where we'll cover more advance details on marketing and content creation. The group is a safe haven for members to connect and grow together. Members will also have access to our private Canva board on Pinterest where we share more tips & tricks within the app.

Done-For-You Marketing

Get your marketing material designed for you but you'll know exactly how to use it after this course. We offer done-for-you marketing solutions that allows our clients to spend more time in their business than on their business. As a monthly member, you also get monthly (& quarterly) sessions to discuss your marketing goals.

This is a monthly retainer. Members will get access to the replays and there will be a Q&A period available. You'll get access to our private group where you be connected to our network of experts plus enjoy virtual events and knowledge gaining opportunities.

Limited Offer

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Grab our Digital Marketing Course to learn how to put that content to use. In this course you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to create effective marketing strategies to grow your online business.

What You'll Learn

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and create effective marketing.

  • Creating a marketing campaign that engages your audience

  • Understanding value proposition vs. branding

  • The 4Ps of the Marketing Mix

  • Discovering your target audience, niche v. mass marketing

  • How to use the most common business tool, SWOT analysis

  • How to use call-to-actions and visual content to your advantage

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